BigVCA optimizes your booth real estate and your audio signals.

Who’s it for?

Short answer: sound system operators and engineers working on live shows.

Longer answer: anyone who uses computers, audio software and plugins for live shows. Also anyone who is unsure as to whether a computer-based setup can meet all their sound control needs throughout a live show.


Because the range and audio quality of audio software and plugins is now such that sound engineers and designers can set up stable configurations meeting their every need. Your imagination is the only limit.

A large range of hardware controllers are available to give you full live access to every parameter of any digital audio workstation.

Sound cards designed for studio or home studio use offer a large number of low latency high-quality audio inputs and outputs.

Until recently, the only way to safely interface the audio outputs of digital audio workstations with a professional PA system, while maintaining control over the outputs, was via a mixing table.

Showtronics’ BigVCA overcomes this while simplifying both your setup and your signal path.


the breakthrough that makes hardware mixing tables history.

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