Big VCA Analog Edition offers:

  • 8 analog audio processing channels featuring a minimalist high-performance design to preserve signal integrity
  • 1 master gain control to ensure compatibility with any sound card (+27 dBu)
  • 1 master attenuation control + 1 dedicated VCA* control for each channel to adjust the level of each output with absolute confidence
  • 8 wide-range PeakMeters (–43 to +24 dBu) to view your true output levels, so that you know exactly what you are feeding to the PA system
  • 8 balanced/unbalanced analog inputs via Neutrik XLR connectors
  • 8 balanced analog outputs via Neutrik XLR connectors delivering up to +27 dBu saturation-free audio to cables up to several hundred meters in length
  • 1 proprietary input/output via RCA connectors to link the master attenuation potentiometer to multiple BigVCA units so you can control all the outputs using a single command
  • 1 ground lift switch
  • 1 on/off switch
  • 1 universal +15V/–15V/+5V power supply to CE standards (50–60 Hz/100–240 V)
  • all in a standard 19"/2U rack module that is absolutely silent.

*VCA: Voltage Controlled Amplifier. Showtronics’ BigVCA uses these analog devices to control multiple volume levels simultaneously.

-> Typical setup

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