When the whole show is run by a single man.


Big VCA is definitely the most compact solution to keep control on your audio outputs, when you already have a handfull of other things to control.

Here, all the cues are sent from the light board, via a midi connection to the soundcard, to control multipoint PA. Even the openings and closings of a wireless mic. used for lead vocals are fully programmed.

#RomeoEtJuliette #GrenierDeToulouse  untill March 17th at the "Escale de Tournefeuille" #Showtronics #BigVCA

62 shows of « Le Fils » with BigVCA


« And of we go for 62 show of « Le Fils »  with BigVCA"



Press by Pierre Rigal turns the BigVCA page


10 years after the first preview in London, Gate Theatre, Notting Hill.... 250 shows in 17 countries later.... Press by Pierre Rigal finally turns the BigVCA page..... today in Valence (fr)

Same hardware set, much more compact and much better signal to noise ratio when the mixer is replaced by BigVCA.

#pierrerigal #nihilbordures #Press #GateTheatre #Showtronics



Big VCA with "Le Fils" by : « l'Unijambiste"


Following the acclaim won by Le Fils at the 2017 Avignon festival, the show is touring France with a preproduction Big VCA unit.

“It has found its place and takes up very little space. I love it!” says Denis Malard.

Preproduction units ready to go...

Several preproduction Big VCA units are ready to go on tour. They are available on loan to anyone interested against a refundable deposit.

We’re done with prototypes. The SMDs (surface mounted devices) are now professionally integrated by our partner  Risetronics in Belgium.

Join our team of testers.

Big VCA meets SooperLooper

Or how to give those on stage direct control over my computer; scary though it sounds ;-). More specifically, they use Midi footpedals to loop portions of the music they are playing on stage.

This is made possible using the SooperLooper plugin.

When you start mixing with software, you quickly realize that the possibilities are unlimited.

Big VCA with "Scandale" by Pierre Rigal


Loïc Célestin’s setup for Scandale by Pierre Rigal  at the  Suresnes Cité Danse festival.

Home-Built prototype n°2

First time out of the lab...

Used for the first time in a real enviroment by George Dyson for the show : Même by Pierre Rigal at the "Maison de la Culture de Bourges »  on October 4th 2016.

-> BigVCA on tour…