Wilffried Icart @ Toulouse

Studio & Live Sound Engineer

for, among others, Théâtre Garonne and Tape Farm Records.

"The first thing you notice is the quality of BigVCA’s stereo rendition.”"

Comparison of BigVCA with a Yamaha 01V96 digital console (stereo system with two line inputs connected to the master output). 

First up, my standard test. Listen to a CD that I’ve used for years, namely a demo compilation for ‘Close to the music’ hi-fi systems.

I put a splitter on the left-hand channel, then connected one output to the BigVCA box and the other to the monitoring switch of a Saje Odyssey console. Note that I use the same cables, switching them from the BigVCA’s input to its output. I do all my comparisons using the same three tracks while listening to the output on a pair of Adam S2A speakers and Beyer DT770 headphones.

The first thing you notice is the quality of BigVCA’s stereo rendition. Using the Yamaha 01V96 digital console the sound from the left and right speakers doesn’t quite produce a stereo image. Using the BigVCA, the timbre is more open (increased bandwidth). Otherwise, the two setups produce much the same sound. Both are pretty straight and free of unwanted color.

The BigVCA produces really straight sound, with no unwanted color.

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