Stéphane Diskuss


Stéphane Diskuss @ Brussels

Musician, Sound designer and engineer.

In particular for the performance "Je brasse de l'air" by Magali Rousseau.

"  Big VCA considerably reduced my setup time, gave me more independance, 
and full access to all my output levels on stage. "

Because my booth on stage needs to be extremely compact, Big VCA was the first chance for me to have full access to my sound levels. before that I used to hide the mixers provided by the venues under the riser on wich my booth is.

For the show "Je brasse de l'air", I play live clarinette, cue sound and light from my booth, on stage. I use 4 midi controllers, 1 clarinette microphone on stand, a laptop and an RME fireface 800 soundcard. I output 4 channels for a quadraphony setup, and 2 for independent subwoofers. « Big VCA » considerably reduced my setup time, gave me more independance and full access to my output levels on stage.

The sound of the BigVCA is crystal clear. I particularly appreciate the precise gain control knob. Thanks to that I can turn down the volume of the amps of the venues where I need to reduce the noise level to it’s minimum. Precisely adjusting the power amplitude of the P.A. system to my soundtrack, from the quietest to the hugest sound moments… 

« Big VCA » is just perfect for my booth! analog is finally back!


Manufacturers note :

I was working as a sound technician for Toulouse National Theatre when Stéphane showed up with his show « Je Brasse de l’Air ». I saw straight away that his setup was exactly the kind of setup BigVCA aims.

The great surprise when we replaced the analog mixer he used to ask for in his technical rider by my Big VCA, was that suddenly the little noise level in the speakers of the quadraphony setup that we had installed for him tataly disappeared.

Indeed, because its is designed to only receive the outputs of sound cards, BigVCA doesn’t include preamps on it’s inputs where all mixers do. These are replaced by pure line receivers. By removing that unnecessary stage of pre-amplification, we naturally removed the noise that wasn’t in the soundtrack.

George Dyson